Masonry Services

Our in house masonry staff is another reason Beardsley Gardens makes a difference.  Quality control. Quality design, quality materials, quality install.

Rick Peters, our head mason, brings 20 years experience to your project.  And as a group, our masons have better than 60 years experience.  Plus all of our masons have experience in the landscape field so they understand how the masonry hardscape works in the overall design.

Walkways, patios, walls, planters, retaining walls, steps, garden paths…. brick, bluestone, concrete pavers, native stone, field stone… boulder placement, plinths, obelisks, faux ledge, stone facades and more.  Rick and his crew have done it and done it well.  Our stone projects are built to last.

So talk to us about your project.  Let us see what we can do to make the job practical, useful, elegant and beautiful.

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